Beach Banquet

Party & Event Planning

Want your event or party to be 100% stress free? Well leave everything to us we can plan the entire thing for you.


We will find the perfect venue for your event, just let us know if there is a specific area you would like your event or how far you are willing to travel


If you want a theme let us know and we will make sure it is kept to, as soon as your guests walk in they will know exactly what the theme is.


Does your event need to be close or on a specific date? Just let us know and we will make it happen.


Is your event a charity event? A birthday? Whatever the occasion just let us know before hand and we can organise around it.


Before we plan anything we will have to discuss your budget. We can do events on any budget, we just have to know what we are working with before hand.


If you let us know roughly how many guests you would want to invite, so we know what size venue to book for you.